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Polimat: CO PoliMaT | Mission and vision


The mission of the PoliMaT Centre of Excellence is to establish Slovenia’s position in polymer science in those applied fields that contribute to sustainable development, are of particular interest for Slovenian industry and strengthen competitiveness of Slovenian small, medium and large enterprises on an international scale. Through its operation, CE PoliMaT aims at creating conditions for establishing high-tech and spin-off companies, new employment positions and conditions for sustainable economic growth. The values of CE PoliMaT are based on the excellence of knowledge transformation into products and services in high technology market niches under the code of ethical conduct, and openness for novelty and innovation, cooperation, transparency and social responsibility.


The vision of CE PoliMaT is to become an internationally established institute with a flexible structure, globally recognized standards of scientific excellence and synergy-based management of research and development activities associated with the excellence in industrial development.

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