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Polimat: CO PoliMaT | Strategic goals

Strategic goals

We strive toward the following strategic goals:

  1. interconnection of scientific excellence, visions of our industrial partners and available capacities in the Republic of Slovenia,
  2. generating internationally comparable knowledge in the field of polymer and related sciences, and its transfer into applied practices
  3. scientific excellence, interdisciplinarity of research and development, facilitating conditions for technological breakthroughs for industrial partners
  4. producing highly trained staff at under and postgraduate levels in the area of polymer science and technology
  5. ensuring economic growth until 2013 for enterprises already reaching European and global levels and creating new high-tech companies. Raising competitiveness of Slovenian large, medium and small enterprises; creating new employment positions and high-tech and spin-off companies.

Strategic areas of research and development of the PoliMaT Centre of Excellence:

The common feature of all sections is the development of polymer materials for advanced technologies by identifying molecular basis of their properties.
The sections are interconnected through horizontal activities: dissemination of knowledge, networking, technology transfer, economic analyses of the achievements, as well as promotion and demonstration activities. The content scheme is presented in the picture below:

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