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Polimat: Research and development equipment | Electrospinning device

Electrospinning device

Manufacturer / Brand:  Linari Engineering S.r.l.

Scope of usage:  Due to a high voltage electric field, the electrical forces at the surface of a polymer solution or melt overcome the surface tension and cause an electrically charged jet to be ejected. After evaporation of the solvent, thin and continuous fibers that reach diameters of the order of nanometers and that consist of highly aligned polymer strands are obtained.

Examples of application for polymer analysis / information that can be obtained by this method for polymers:  Nanofibers can be made into textile of synthetic or natural biodegradable polymers in the differently shaped collectors.

Measurement range: 

Sample limitations:  The fibers can be prepared only from the polymer solutions.

Limitation of application conditions:  Normal conditions (T = approx. 25°C, p =  ca. 1atm)

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