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Polimat: Research areas | Horizontal activities

Horizontal activities

All four research areas are interconnected by common supporting horizontal activities aimed at knowledge dissemination, technology transfer, economic analyses of research achievements, and demonstration and promotion/communication activities. The supporting activities are integrated into an individual research and development project.

The coordinator of these activities is dr. Silva Roncelli Vaupot, Polymer Technology College.

Education, dissemination, networking and transfer of knowledge

This research area offers horizontal support to the development of the PoliMaT Centre of Excellence through the use of online communication tools in order to establish an information flow, interconnection of new knowledge from all areas and its transposition into educational contents. Also included is the formation of agreements on the promotion, knowledge dissemination strategies and new knowledge transfer.

Key research and development activities:

  • systematic dissemination of new knowledge among students, researchers and target public,
  • application of knowledge in industry,
  • collaboration with partner organizations for the purpose of implementation of various training activities for research, educational and economic sphere,
  • information flow, competency transfer, accessibility, dissemination and promotion of newly generated knowledge among expert and lay public
  • cooperation and exchange of knowledge with other related Slovenian and international institutions,
  • support services for intellectual property rights, technology transfer, evaluation and monitoring.
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