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CO PoliMaT

The PoliMaT Centre of Excellence, based on public-private partnership, was established on January 8, 2010.

We provide the framework for the previously dispersed capacities of the leading Slovenian research groups from public research and development sector, and successful small, medium and large enterprises in the field of polymer materials and technologies.

The PoliMaT research programme integrates interdisciplinary research in several priority development areas:  advanced (new) synthetic metallic and non-metallic materials and nanotechnologies, sustainable technologies, and health and life sciences.

The activities are based on the synergy and effective cooperation of:

  • the leading Slovenian researchers and research groups,
  • knowledge institutions,
  • enterprises,
  • other successful companies in the field of development of polymer materials and related areas.

The common vision of all actors involved is the development of innovative and commercially successful products with emphasized sustainable character and the development of environmentally friendly products and technologies in provision of a low-carbon society of the future.

We employ:

  • 84 researchers,  of which 42 are from enterprises and 42 from research institutions
  • 43 PhD holders: 12 from enterprises and 31  from research institutions

The PoliMat Centre of Excellence commenced its operations on the basis of the success of polymer-related science and industry, which revealed its potential and capacities. However, the key elements for a long-term success turned out to be the increase of capacities in research and development areas and collaboration between economy and top-level science on a global scale.

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