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06.08.2013Global Biopolymer Network
New Form of International Science and Technology Cooperation...več

06.08.2013Biopolmer Workshop Mauritius 2013
Setting-up of a Bio-based Industry in Mauritius...več

06.08.2013Biopolymer Workshop Kenya 2013
Harnessing the power of biopolymers for improving human wellbeing and enhancing global competitiveness / Nairobi, January 27-30, 2013....več

06.08.2013APIC Health
ABIA – CE PoliMaT Innovation Collaboration on health...več

08.04.2013R&D Equipment at the PoliMaT Center of Excellence
The laboratory at CE PoliMaT represents a meeting point of industrial-technological experience, R&D knowledge, and high-level equipment. New cutti......več

08.04.2013The PoliMaT Center of Excellence
The vision of CE PoliMaTis to become an internationally established center of excellence that ensures the transformation of knowledge into products an......več

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