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Polimat: Research and development equipment

Research and development equipment

Scientific excellence of the PoliMat Centre of Excellence is supported by high-quality research and development equipment:

Type of equipment

Thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA) 
Differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) 
Reaction calorimeter- High pressure laboratory reactor with in situ FTIR and probe for in-process particle characterization 
Pilote plant ultrasound processor 
Laboratory mini extruder 
Respirometric analyzer for polymer biodegradation measurement
PoliMaT Laboratory
Elemental analyzer C, N, H, S, O 
Upgrade of the SIMS mass spectrometer for analysis of polymer surfaces
Additional units for Ti:Sapphire (pulsed) laser system 
Adsorption porosimeter 
UV system for polymerization (INTELLI-RAY 600) 
Upgrade of HECUS System-3 to S3-MICROpix 
Model free kinetics software & UV set 
Laboratory spray dryer
Laboratory mixer reactor
DSC measuring cell
Laboratory high pressure reactor 
Apparatus for particle size determination in water
Laboratory shear mixer for powders 
GPC/SEC instrument
Freeze dryer
Mass Spectrometer (MS)
Near infra red (NIR) spectrometer
Electrospinning device
Friction/peel tester 
Upgrade of the injection moulding machine  
Sputtering device for coating with gold and carbon 
Auxiliaries and accessories for AFM microscopy (AFM-XE-100)
Pilot scale electrospinning device
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