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Polimat: Research and development equipment | Laboratory spray dryer

Laboratory spray dryer

Manufacturer / Brand:  Buchi

Model:  B290

Scope of usage:  Spray drying, modification of particle size, drying suspensions, particle coating, Immobilization of liquids and solid materials in a matrix, manufacture of microcapsules.

Measurement range:  

Sample limitations: Only for aqueous solutions or mixtures with less than 50% organic solvents.

Limitation of application conditions: 

Evaporative Capacity: 1 L/h H2

Max. temperature input: up to 200°C 

Air flow max.: 35 m3/h 

Spray Gas: Compressed air, 200–1000 L/h, 5–8 bar 

Possible particle diameter range: 1–25 μm

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