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Freeze dryer


Name / equipment: Freeze dryer  

Manufacturer / Brand: VirTis SP Scientific  

Model: Sentry 2.0

Scope of usage: Freeze dryer is used for drying of samples that contain solvents with high boiling points (like water and glycols) and cannot be dried at higher temperatures, because they are unstable at high temperatures. Freeze dryer is used only for sample preparation.  

Sample limitations: Samples should not decompose if they are deeply frozen. Light volatile organic solvents should be removed before freeze drying of samples. Melting point of solvent of freeze dried samples should be above -105°C.  

Limitation of application conditions: Samples can be freeze dried either at room temperature or at -50°C. Freeze drying times depend on quantity of samples and procedure has to be repeated several times if samples are not appropriately prepared.

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