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Polimat: Research and development equipment | Sputtering device for coating with gold and carbon

Sputtering device for coating with gold and carbon


Manufacturer / Brand: Quorumtech

Model: Q150T ES

Scope of usage: Sputtering of various metals and their alloys as well as indium  tin oxide (ITO) and carbon to various substrates

Examples of application for polymer analysis / information that can be obtained by this method for polymers: Samples of solid polymers are sputtered with gold or other conductive metals to form conductive coating on the surface to prevent electrical charging on the surface during scanning electron microscopy

Measurement range: Film thickness from few nanometers to few hundred nanometers

Sample limitations:  Solid sample with maximum diameter of 60 mm

Limitation of application conditions:  Sputtering of conductive metals and indium tin oxide; evaporation of carbon; evaporation of metals

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