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Polimat: Research and development equipment | Thermogravimetric analyzer

Thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA)


Manufacturer/Brand: Mettler Toledo (TGA), Pfeiffer Vakuum (MS)

Model: TGA/DSC 1 (Thermogravimetric analyzer) / ThermoStar (Gas analysis system)

Scope of usage:  TGA measures the change in weight of sample as it is heated, cooled or held at constant temperature. Adsorption and desorption of gases, quantitative content analysis (moisture, fillers, polymer content, etc.), kinetics of decomposition processes, sublimation, evaporation, vaporization, thermal stability, oxidation reactions and oxidation stability, identification of decomposition products, solvents, sorption and desorption of moisture can be measured. With DSC signal melting behaviour, crystallization, phase diagrams, glass transitions, reaction kinetics, reaction and transition enthalpies can be determined. Decomposition products in gas phase can be determined with mass analysis.

Examples of application for polymer analysis / information that can be obtained by this method for polymers:  Suitable for the study of: thermal stability of polymers, kinetic behaviour of decomposition, filler content in the polymer, moisture/solvent content in the sample, etc.

Measurement range: from room temperature to 1600 °C

Sample limitations: up to 34 sample positions with auto sample robot

Limitation of application conditions: temperature precision ± 0,15 °C, max. heating rate 250 °C/min, sensitivity 0,5 mW, enthalpy reproducibility better than 5% 


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