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Polimat: Research and development equipment | UV system for polymerization INTELLI RAY 600

UV system for polymerization (INTELLI-RAY 600)

Equipment type:  UV chamber

Manufacturer / Brand: UVITRON International

Model:  INTELLI-RAY 600, Shuttered UV  Floodligh

Scope of usage:  UV polymerization- ultraviolet rays and suitable initiator sensitive on light cause polymerization of monomers.

Examples of application for polymer analysis / information that can be obtained by this method for polymers:  All monomers that need photothermal sources of radicals for polymerization are polymerized with the help of UV chamber.

Measurement range:  

Sample limitations: Material in the form of emulsions or other liquids containing monomers. Sample, that we insert into a chamber, it must be smaller than interior dimensions of the chamber - (23 * 23 * 26) cm. Samples must be sufficiently thin (3 to 5 mm), so that UV rays penetrate through the material and cause polymerization.

Limitation of application conditions:  No limits, the device works at normal conditions.

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