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Polimat: Research areas | Coatings and adhesives

Coatings and adhesives 

The research focus of the scope is on the synthesis of functional polymers for use in dye, coatings and adhesives. This field is of utmost significance for Slovenian chemical industry, which creates a substantial share of its revenue from the sale of these materials. The emphasis will be on the enhancement of synthesis procedures and reduction of organic solvents use during production, as well as on further technological processes and final formulations and formulations of water-based coatings for advanced applications.

Binders and adhesives

The main innovation goal in this field is to take a world-leading position in production of advanced binders and adhesives- innovative products that fall into a higher price and quality range, and thus strengthen our position in the demanding global market.  Successfully completed research will enable the use and distribution of new products on a global scale, in compliance with European goals and environmental politics.

Development objectives of the project group:

  • acrylic resins in organic solvents solution with low volatile organic compounds content,
  • special copolymer acrylate binders,
  • new generation water-based dispersions,
  • adhesives.

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