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We hosted Prof. Dr. Thierry Belmonte from University of Nancy, France


Encouraging knowledge transfer between research groups from Slovenia and abroad

From 16th to 18th we hosted a foreign researcher, Prof. Dr. Thierry Belmonte, head of a research group dealing foremost with the plasma treatment of polymers and materials containing polymers, gaseous discharges, characterization of non-equilibrium gaseous plasma as well as surfaces of heterogeneous materials and synthesis of novel nanomaterials. Among researchers in the field of physics and chemistry of polymers, Prof. Dr. Thierry Belmonte, became well-know with his original theory on interaction of  unstable and metastable plasma particles with various organic materials. The goal of his visit at CE PoliMaT was to facilitate knowledge transfer in the field of super-hydrophilicity of materials for wound dressings and synthesis of nanostructures.

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