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Awarded Innovations of CE PoliMaT


At this year's selection of innovations by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the central Slovenian region, which took place on May 24, 2012 at Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, awards were given to 3 innovations of CE PoliMaT.

The innovation Silver vapours deposition process on viscose nonwoven with vacuum coating technology of the innovators Andrej Zabret, Dr. Marjetka Kralj Kunčič, Dr. Karin Stana Kleinschek, Dr. Uroš Maver, Tina Maver, Tanja Pivec and Dr. Zdenka Peršin, and the innovation Improved transparency of UV resistance water based coating with TiO2 rutile nano-particles of the innovators Jerneja Godnjavec and Dr. Bogdan Znoj won bronze awards.

An award was also given to the innovation Biocompatible crosslinked polymer with open cellular porous structure of the innovators Maja Sušec, Dr. Peter Krajnc, Dr. Samuel Clark Ligon and Dr. Robert Liska.

Sincere congratulations to all innovators!

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