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President Türk attends 2nd Annual PoliMaT Strategy Conference


Dr. Türk visited laboratory of CE PoliMaT and greeted the employees and centre's founders in a welcome speech at the 2nd Annual PoliMaT Strategy Conference.

He congratulated CE PoliMaT on the extraordinary achievements, which were achieved at much earlier date than planned, pointing out that the future does not belong to the largest but to the fastest. CE PoliMaT certainly belongs to the fast ones, which is encouraging news for Slovenia.

»We will only make real development progress if we manage to change the understanding of the speed of progress, learn the importance of highly productive, advanced and scientifically supported industry, challenge our industrial tradition and join global endeavours«, emphasized Dr. Türk, wishing us best of luck in the future.

Afterwards, he had a look at the displayed R&D achievements of CE PoliMaT researchers in the form of prototypes and scientific posters in the area of development and application of nano-composites, co-polymers, biocompatible polymers, technologies for the processing and functionalization of surfaces, and analysis techniques in polymer synthesis, and discussed them with their authors.

We sincerely thank Dr. Türk for his visit.  

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