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CE PoliMaT innovation office opening in Akron, USA


Ljudmila Novak, the Minister for Slovenians Abroad, attended ribbon cutting ceremony for the innovation office of CE PoliMaT in Akron on November 26, 2012.

In her keynote speech, the Minister expressed her support for the collaboration bridge between Slovenia and the USA, strongly supported by Slovenian research diaspora. She put a special emphasis on the importance of collaboration between polymer science and industry in the attempt to seek synergies on the market and identify opportunities for the breakthrough of Slovenian knowledge, ideas and technologies. This approach enables Slovenian industry and innovation environment to obtain new partnerships for collaboration projects focused on global challenges and positions Slovenian top scientific knowledge in the field of polymer science. In this context, CE PoliMaT represents a key agent in connecting Slovenian scientific, industrial and educational spheres with global innovation environment.  

Mateja Dermastia, CEO of CE PoliMaT, summarized key results of collaboration with partners Akron Global Business Accelerator and University of Akron and named the objectives of this collaboration: new partnerships in scientific, industrial and educational fields related to polymer science, introduction of PoliMaT startup companies to US investors and supporting activities for Akron Global Business Accelerator which include Slovenian business development and technology transfer.  

CE PoliMaT also formalized the Memorandum of Understanding with the Austen BioInnovation Institute. Austen BioInnovation Institute is a renowned institution with 5 research centres, all focused on R&D projects in the field of advanced biomaterials and technologies in medicine, orthopaedics, implants and clinical testing.  

Apart from Slovenian and US business partners, the event was attended by media representatives and representatives of Slovenian scientific and business diaspora.  


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