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Slovenian Embassy in Vienna hosts a meeting to foster international collaboration


On April 10, 2013, CE PoliMaT representatives met potential investors, multilateral agencies’ representatives and other interested parties on the premises of Slovenian Embassy in Vienna to present the achievements, innovations, technology start-ups and global biopolymer initiatives under the umbrella of Global Biopolymer Network (GBN). The aim of the meeting, which was a part of the GBN Stakeholder Discussions, was to examine cooperation possibilities between the private sector and top-level science on a global scale with a view to develop environmentally friendly products and technologies in provision of a low-carbon society of the future.

The purpose of the morning meeting with Mrs. Jacqueline Adhiambo Okoth and Mr. Symon Kaitikei Rotiken from the Embassy of the Republic of Kenya and Mr. Mr Fawzi Abdulaziz Al Farah from the Embassy of the State of Kuwait   was the presentation of the CE PoliMaT and the Global Biopolymer Network . Mrs. Mateja Dermastia, CEO of CE PoliMaT, dr. Gerd Meier zu Koecker, VDI/VDE-IT, Berlin, Germany, and Mr. Martin Payer, CEO of the Polymer Competence Center Leoben, Austria, presented the strengths of international cooperation and the necessary key elements for a successful capacity building in harnessing the potentials of biopolymer research and industrial development. Dr. Alexis Zrimec, CE PoliMaT, presented the case study of the Biopolymer Workshop in Kenya and dr. Tanja Rajkovič, CE PoliMaT, presented the innovation collaboration between the CE PoliMaT and the Austen BioInnovation Institute in Akron, Ohio, USA.

The  guests of the  afternoon meeting with CE PoliMaT and its partners from PCCL and VDI/VDE - IT were Mr. Marion Biber from the Austrian Business Agency, Ing. Mag. Bernd Litzka from the Austrian Business Angel Börse, Mrs. Erika Schwaiger from Ecoplus – Business Agency for Lower Austria, Otto Starzer, Austrian Research Promotion Agency, and Sonja Gerbert from United Nations Environmental Program UNEP. Mrs. Mateja Dermastia presented the business model of CE PoliMaT and introduced the Global Biopolymer Network. Dr. Tanja Rajkovič and dr. Alexis Zrimec presented two spin off ideas Liquified biomass and Nano ZnO.

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