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VDI/VDE+ IT presented Benchmark Report of CE PoliMaT


VDI/VDE+ IT Institute for Innovation and Technology (Berlin, Germany) provides assistance and counseling for the analysis, funding and organization of innovation technology. The Benchmark compared CE PoliMaT management with 60 European Centers of Excellence.

The aim of the Benchmark report is to provide the CE PoliMaT management and founding partners as well as policy makers and programme officials with a practical tool for the assessment.  

Dr. Gerd Meier zu Koecker presented the assessment and results of CE PoliMaT to Mr. Urban Krajcar, Director General at the Directorate for Science at the Ministry for Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia.    

Institute for Innovation and Technology has developed a benchmarking concept for centers of excellence managements that compares the operations on Pan-European basis. Business results’ ratios levied on the basis of the evaluation of centers of excellence managers are compared with the business ratios of a variety of other comparative groups, and inferences are drawn for improving activities.

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