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Exploitation strategy and commercialization workshops for CE PoliMaT inventions


Commercialization is an integral part of the transformation of knowledge into value. The CE PoliMaT IP portfolio was evaluated internally and externally, and a set of workshops held for the most promising inventions, supported by the German VDI/VDE-IT.

The R&D activities of CE PoliMaT are designed to bridge the gap between scientific and economic innovation - by providing a collective environment for academics, industry and other innovation actors and crating sufficient critical mass. As a tangible result of the CE PoliMaT R&D consortia, more than 80 inventions and IP have been created. In order to meet the core objectives of CE PoliMaT, these inventions have to be exploited and commercialized in order to contribute to an increased competitiveness and innovation of Slovenian companies. The process of IP transfer to industry was started, one spinoff company founded, two more startup teams formed, and an exploitation plan prepared for the remaining inventions by VDI/VDE-IT (Germany).

As part of the process, structured descriptions of the inventions were first prepared and an opportunities/threats analysis performed giving a portfolio-based ranking. Then, a study on exploitation and commercialization strategy including capacity building was prepared by a series of 4 exploitation workshops for the inventions with the highest market potential. The workshops resulted in identification of specific strategies and dedicated measures for further exploitation and commercialization actions of the corresponding inventions. The workshops were moderated by VDI/VDE-IT experts, whereas researchers, engineers, and the CE PoliMaT management participated by forming 8 commercialization teams.

The resulting exploitation strategies include action plans, with commercialization partners identified, and customer segments and value propositions clearly stated. The execution has immediately started with first results at hand.  

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