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Great interest for cooperation in the field of biomass expressed in Uberaba, Brazil


In late October 2013, CE PoliMaT representatives Matjaž Kunaver, PhD and Darja Radić, M.Sc., visited academic institutions and companies in the Brazilian city of Uberaba to discuss the possibilities of establishing a development and business cooperation in the field of biopolymers, especially biomass. Visit to Uberaba is a result of participation of Matjaž Kunaver and Tanja Rajkovič  at a business conference in Sao Paulo in June 2012. CE PoliMaT' s  work on bio-materials was presented to the Director and the management team of the Technology Park of Uberaba, the owner and management team of Agronelli Agro-Industry, at UNIUBE - private University of Uberaba, as well as to the Mayor's closest associates and representatives from Secretariates for the environment, education, agriculture, foreign trade, economic development and tourism at the Uberaba City Hall. The visit was organized by Mr. Alex de Souza, economic advisor to the Mayor of Uberaba.

Presentation of CE PoliMaT' s work on liquefied wood and biomass resulted in a high interest for cooperation. Discussions on the types of cooperation have already started. In March 2014, Biopolymer Workshop on bio-based materials is planned in cooperation with the City Hall, where experts from CE PoliMaT and Global Biopolymer Network will join forces with local researchers, developers and industry to identify the most important challenges and local needs that could result in joint research, development programs and industrial projects. As always, the Workshop's goal will be to establish project ideas on relevant needs with assigned international team of experts and roadmap to solution. After the Workshop, the Mayor of Uberaba, owner and management of Agronelli, management of the Technology Park and UNIUBE will visit CE PoliMaT in Slovenia to see our pilot production of liquefied biomass at Gozdno Gospodarstvo Postojna, Ljubljana Technology Park, as well as other companies and points of interest. The visit will strengthen cooperation between Slovenia and Brazil in the field of biopolymers.

From left to right: Mr. Alex de Souza, Mr. Paulo Paulinelli, owner of Agronelli, Mrs. Darja Radić, and Mr. Matjaž Kunaver on the Agronelli estate.

From left to right: Mr. Alex de Souza, economy counselor of the Mayor of Uberaba, Mrs. Raquel Resende, Uberaba Technology Park Director, Darja Radić, Matjaž Kunaver, and Chemistry students in Uberaba Technology Park.

Meeting with the representatives of Secretariats of the environment, economic development, education, agriculture and tourism sectors in the Uberaba City Hall.

Meeting with Mrs. Heloisa Piau, the Mayor's wife.

Meeting at the Uberaba Post office: rightmost Regional Director of the Post office, Mr. João Francisco de Sousa.

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