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The Center of Excellence for Polymer Materials and Technologies, Slovenia, and Jomo Kenyatta University for Agriculture and Technology, Kenya, sign a Memorandum of Understanding


The Center of Excellence for Polymer Materials and Technologies (CE PoliMaT), Slovenia, and the Jomo Kenyatta University for Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), Kenya, signed today a Memorandum of Understanding to establish the African Biopolymer Center of Excellence (ABCe).  ABCe will focus on the use of biopolymer materials and technologies in agriculture, healthcare, and environmental applications. ABCe will represent another permanent Science, Technology and Innovation center within the COMESA member states and African regions.

The ambitious ABCe programme is set to leverage the power of frontier biopolymer research to develop innovative carbon-neutral materials that can help to address the material needs of a growing global population without jeopardizing the quality of the environment. Its successful implementation requires international scientific, technology and diplomacy collaboration, directed towards building the necessary technical and engineering capacities, and a strong relationship with local network of farmers and industry.

The Memorandum of Understanding, signed today by Mrs. Mateja Dermastia, CEO of CE PoliMaT, and Prof. Mabel Imbuga, Vice Chancellor of JKUAT, is a result of an initiative of CE PoliMaT and the Global Biopolymer Network, to bring global knowledge in the field of biopolymers and biomaterials to address local needs and increase local economic growth and human well-being.

The ABCe will generate new gateways for scientific, technological and business cooperation between Slovenia and Kenya. African countries will strengthen their technical capacities, especially in the engineering fields. The associated research will be directly linked to addressing economic needs in the region.

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