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The results of CE PoliMaT highly welcomed on the round table in European Parliament


On December 17, 2013, CE PoliMaT presented the results of the last four years in a discussion which addressed Europe’s rule in supporting sustainable development through advanced materials technology. Discussion was held in the European Parliament in Brussels and was hosted by MEP Ivo Vajgl. 

Mateja Dermastia presented the results of CE PoliMaT of the last four years, stressing the importance of the potential of biopolymers as one key element of sustainable development and development of EU towards bio-based industry. She presented the achievements of CE PoliMaT in the global community and new innovative methods of international cooperation among industry, science and public sector which can bring to the optimal utilisation of the biopolymers for the human well-being and at the same time solve major environmental problems, increasing the food production and finding new solutions in healthcare. The participants highly welcomed the CE PoliMaT’s results. According to the MEP Ivo Vajgl, the successful cases like CE PoliMaT can help Slovenia to overcome the present crisis and bring Slovenia to an effective integration in the global economy. Mr. Urban Krajcar, Director General at the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport as well as Mrs. Eveline Lecoq form DG Research confirmed the possibilities of public support for such initiatives within the EU Structural Funds and Horizon 2020 and highly welcomed the CE PoliMaT approach. The round table was hosted by MEP Ivo Vajgl. We highly appreciate his support and understanding of the importance of political and public support for the creation of new sustainable community using the potential of biopolymers.

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