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CE PoliMaT cooperates with the American Chemical Society in preparing Sci-Mind™ learning program on biopolymer


The first e-course will be launched on February 24th, 2014.

CE PoliMaT and other top academic and industry experts in the fields of commodity plastics, medical applications, and additives are preparing contents for a highly interactive Sci-Mind™ course on Biopolymers (http://proed.acs.org/products-services/sci-mind/biopolymers/). The course will provide a global view of the most current issues surrounding biopolymer science and business development, as well as a detailed understanding of the most relevant chemistry processes.

The Sci-Mind™ is a scientific learning community for customized training designed for the industry professional working in the global ‘chemistry enterprise’ that is relevant for the bench chemist as well as for the established lab manager or program director.

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