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CE PoliMaT Talent Camp 2012 proved to be an excellent tool for finding talents as well as solutions to relevant challenges


The results of the first CE PoliMaT Talent Camp were far above expectations as the teams managed to develop solutions that hold a great potential for the economic exploitation. 

Mentors from CE PoliMaT and experts from the companies Helios, Tosama and Educell joint into mentor/expert teams to guide participants of the first CE PoliMaT Talent Camp in their independent work on industrial challenges. Based on participants work, mentor/expert teams selected twelve finalists to attend the final workshop, where the finalist, together with mentors, tackled the best solutions for the challenges. By the intensive teamwork, the challenges were upgraded to business opportunities in the areas of nano-polymer composites, biopolymers and polymers in medicine. 

The first Talent Camp was held in the premises of the founder CE PoliMaT, the company Tosama.

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